About OsmHydrant

OsmHydrant supports you in recording of hydrants. The map on the homepage shows all recorded hydrants with their properties. The OSM in this tools' name, stands for OpenStreetMap. This is a free map, that allows you to record location-based data.

If you have got an OpenStreetMap Account, you can edit the properties of existing hydrants, as well as add new hydrants. The registration at the OpenStreetMap is free. OsmHydrant is an editor that concentrates on making the process of adding hydrants to the map as easy as possible. Additionally, OsmHydrant can be used in view-only mode too (requiring no registration).

Goals of OsmHydrant

  • Display of fire hydrants

    Hydrants, water tanks and suction points are highlighted (see also OpenFireMap).

  • Ensuring comprehensive fire protection

    Hydrants are shown with a 200m radius in the map. White areas may reveal the need for action.

  • Simplifying the Adding & Editing process of hydrants

    You need just an OpenStreetMap-account to start editing hydrants. You can even add/edit stuff on the go with a smartphone or tablet.


Local authorities and fire departments can draw the following advantages of OsmHydrants:

  • Fire safety

    Ensuring fire protection through good coverage with hydrants in towns and areas of operation. White spots may reveal possible areas that require action.

  • Easy enrollment

    Fire safety officers and firefighters can get an overview quickly.

  • Locate fire-fighting facilities within seconds

    By providing the data of hydrants, foreign fire departments can identify the next hydrant rapidly in case of fire without any local knowledge.


My name is Robert Koch and I am a member of the local fire brigade. The interest in fire fighter topics and web application development with geographical data motivated me to this project.


I am not the only person working on this project. A big thanks for translating OsmHydrant goes to:


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